Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rockwall Christian Writers Group

Leslie Wilson, D'Ann Mateer, and Mary DeMuth at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. We met at the Rockwall Christian Writers Group!


Jeanne said...

Cuties! Too bad I don't live closer.


San said...

Great looking site. Glad to see you on the web. I've blog-linked you so my writerly friends can come visit!

RBarlow said...

Hey you guys,
I missed you in February--send me an update--I had really wanted to be there for Amy's talk!! We were all SOOOoOoo sick in February though. I barely left the house all month! It just kept coming and going in rounds, stomach flu, head cold, flu...stomach flu...!
We seem to all be well now and I'm glad Mary added the address for this new site on ACFW's loop, so I could catch up with you!
Glad to be reminded that we were meeting earlier this month, or I might have missed it again.
The blog site looks great!!
Rebecca Barlow