Friday, August 10, 2007

Join a Great Writers Group Online...

I wanted to let you know about some great online groups. If you haven’t joined, it would definitely be worth the time to join. I recently became the owner of The Writers View and The Writers View 2.

The Writers View is for advanced professional Christian writers (700 members) who have several publishing credits. You can sign up (it’s free) here:

The Writers View 2 (about 500 members) is for up and coming writers in the Christian market. You can sign up here:

Both are online groups. We throw out a question twice a week. Panelists (folks in the industry) answer the questions as do the members. I’ve learned more through The Writers View than I have at conferences…and it’s free. If you want to take your writing to the next level, if you want to understand this industry, if you want to learn as much or more than you’d learn at a conference, please sign up.


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